Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Craigseasy vs Browser Bars

Why should you choose Craigseasy over browser bars?

 1- Craigseasy does not run in the background, consuming your valuable memory. By nature, browser bars run processes in the background and consume your memory and CPU power. Craigseasy is a bookmarklet, it only runs when you ask it to!

 2- Craigseasy does not require installation. Browser bars, on the other hand, require installation and are not safe: by installing a browser toolbar, you grant it access to every page you're on (unless, of course, you have the toolbar turned off).

 3- Craigseasy is portable: should you decide to change your browser, operating system or use Craigseasy on your mobile phone or ipad, you're good to go.

 Thank you for using Craigseasy!