Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12th Winners!

Okay! So here's the thing: we will be running this game (with different rules) bi-monthly, so if you weren't lucky this time, stay posted; the next game is next week!

Winners will be featured for one month and they'll start appearing in the Friend Blogs widget as early as tonight.

We know how excited you are to figure out who the winners are:

Winner #1 is the first person who commented on the game.

Winners #2 and #3 were randomly picked by Craigseasy. The number of entries you had depends on whether you followed us here, on Facebook or on Twitter. We had 41 entries. If you are interested in knowing how we computed the numbers, please let us know.

Winners #4 and #5 were picked by our partner blog My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.

Winners #6 and #7 were picked by our partner blog Better After.

Winners #8 and #9 were the only smart contestants who followed our partner blogs What's up Whimsy and Chic Little House

Since #10 and #11 are same as #8 and #9, the first two blogs that sent us their logos will occupy these spots:
Hence the official #10 and #11 winners!