Friday, November 26, 2010

Give-away Extended

Since many of you are out for Thanksgiving, we'll be extending the second Craigseasy Friend Blog give-away till next Friday. Until then, have fun and eat a lot of turkey :-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Craigseasy Friend Blog giveaway!

Not reading carefully may ruin your chances of winning one of our 9 “Friend Blog” spots that we’re giving away. Having a spot in our friend blogs will expose you, for one month,  to thousands (and growing) of Craigseasy users!

For those of you who have no clue what this is all about, you might want to use Craigseasy first; You’ll easily notice the Friend Blogs widget.

The game starts right now and the winners will be announced on Friday Nov 26th at 12:00 pm PST.

This is how you participate!

The Rules

Step 1: 
Upload your logo here. You will be given a ticket number, don't lose it!

Step 2:
Post a comment on our Facebook fan page. Make sure to include your ticket number in it.
Important note: Comments without a ticket number will not be considered.

The first to comment will be winner #1. We'll also draw winners #2  and #3 next week!

Step 3:
Post a comment - include your ticket number! - on any or all of our sponsors’ Facebook pages. Each sponsor has two spots to give away!

1- Three Men and a Lady (Picks Winners #4 and #5)
2- Room to Inspire (Picks Winners #6 and #7)
3- What’s up Whimsy (Picks Winners #8 and #9)

Maximize your chances of winning by posting on each of our sponsors' pages!

All contestants' logos will be automatically appended to the bottom of this post!

Best luck!

Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12th Winners!

Okay! So here's the thing: we will be running this game (with different rules) bi-monthly, so if you weren't lucky this time, stay posted; the next game is next week!

Winners will be featured for one month and they'll start appearing in the Friend Blogs widget as early as tonight.

We know how excited you are to figure out who the winners are:

Winner #1 is the first person who commented on the game.

Winners #2 and #3 were randomly picked by Craigseasy. The number of entries you had depends on whether you followed us here, on Facebook or on Twitter. We had 41 entries. If you are interested in knowing how we computed the numbers, please let us know.

Winners #4 and #5 were picked by our partner blog My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.

Winners #6 and #7 were picked by our partner blog Better After.

Winners #8 and #9 were the only smart contestants who followed our partner blogs What's up Whimsy and Chic Little House

Since #10 and #11 are same as #8 and #9, the first two blogs that sent us their logos will occupy these spots:
Hence the official #10 and #11 winners!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Become a "Friend Blog" for a whole month!

You have all wondered how you can occupy the "YOU" spot in our "friend blogs" widget.

Well, the game below, which we'll be running bi-monthly, will allow 11 winners to share this spot for a whole month! This will expose you to thousands (and growing) of Craigseasy’s users.

All participants are appended to the end of this blog post so if you’re looking for publicity, play ahead!

The game starts right now and the winners will be announced at 12:00 pm PST on Friday November 12th.

The rules


You need to send us a (good looking) 75x75-pixel-logo of yours. (Email it to contact [at] craigseasy [dawt] com). If you don't have one, our friend blogs Better After or My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia can create one for you for $20. (Email betterafter [at] live (dawt) com or kristinsalazar (at) yahoo [dawt] com)


You need to do one of the following (preferably more :-) ):
1- Follow our blog
2- Like us on Facebook (Link in the side bar or click here)
3- Follow us on Twitter (here)

*For each action you do, you get an entry in the raffle for spots #2 and #3 below!


Your blog must have at least 10 followers or likers. If you don't, well, you have a good reason to call your friends.

How to win?

- The first person to post will be winner #1!

- We will randomly select winners #2 and #3 from those who cast a comment*. (* Check Rule #2)

- Winners #4 to #11 will be randomly selected by our friend blogs below. Post a comment on their blog and follow them! (Each of our friend blogs will pick two winners!)

Best luck!!

The Contestants

(You must send us your logo to play)