Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello World!

For my whole life, I’d been a night crawler. I coded at night and slept in the morning.
Last year, a Chinese family of three rented me out their Palo Alto guesthouse where I spent my time developing a video chat web startup. Meanwhile, our neighbors, probably because of the deteriorating California economy, sold their home to a new family. The new neighbors’ never ending construction work disturbed my peaceful nights mornings of sleep which led me to start looking for a new place... So the Craigslist hunt began!

After going through a few pages of listings, my patience started running out so I searched the web for Craigslist tools; all of them, however, either displayed little thumbnails or required that I hover over the hyperlinks in order to see the full-scale picture. However, being the impatient person I am, that was still too much work. I wanted to see all the pictures in the postings right there in front of me, on one page. Three hours later, Craigseasy was born. :-)

A few days later, I found my awesome new place. Ironically, the post didn’t have any pictures in it! The only reason I noticed it was because it had just been posted :-) When I came here to meet up with my current roommate, Steve (founder of Water of Life), I told him about Craigseasy and said I’ll post it online so he can see it... So I did, and it’s been spreading since :-)

I would like to extend my thanks to the bloggers among you whose support for us was invaluable.
Thank you, Shannon (What’s Us Whimsy), for the first, awesomely written Craigseasy post ever!
Thank you, Katrina (Chic Little House), for the excitement with which you wrote about us, which caused other bloggers to write as well (Frugal Home Designs , thank you, Fawn :-))!

Thank you Cassie (Reuse, Reinvent, Redesign) for sharing with your readers, and last but not least, thank you Amanda (Uffdaprojects) for the great tutorial on how to use Craigseasy with Internet Explorer!

Also, I would like to thank my friend Maya, for her precious graphic design advice!

Finally, I would like to thank my co-founder, Stephanie (Send her emails at stephanie at craigseasy (dawt) com), who’s been crucial to Craiseasy’s growth :-)

If you’re wondering how we look, below is a picture of the Craigseasy team shooting each other :-P

Abdo and Stephanie left to right in Beirut, Lebanon - 2010.

We’ll stay in touch, keeping you informed about Craigseasy’s new feature releases, blog posts, competitions, and give-aways. :-)

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