Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Craigseasy vs Browser Bars

Why should you choose Craigseasy over browser bars?

 1- Craigseasy does not run in the background, consuming your valuable memory. By nature, browser bars run processes in the background and consume your memory and CPU power. Craigseasy is a bookmarklet, it only runs when you ask it to!

 2- Craigseasy does not require installation. Browser bars, on the other hand, require installation and are not safe: by installing a browser toolbar, you grant it access to every page you're on (unless, of course, you have the toolbar turned off).

 3- Craigseasy is portable: should you decide to change your browser, operating system or use Craigseasy on your mobile phone or ipad, you're good to go.

 Thank you for using Craigseasy!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friend Blogs Winners Announced

We know those among you who applied for the friend blogs give-away in January have been waiting impatiently and probably lost hope in winning.

Well, we're here today to announce the winners!

As usual, early birds eat worms and the first applicant is the first winner:

Potential Treasures

The three other winners are holders of tickets having the following numbers:
#085, #5570, and #3324

Mintage Home , #085

Our Urban Victorian
Our Urban Victorian, #5570


Ruby Chick
Ruby Chick, #3324

Since we were late in announcing the winners, we'll keep you in our friend blogs for an extended period of 2 months at least! :-)

Have an Easy weekend!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 Friend blogs give-away!

The friend blogs contests are back!
Here's a quick intro for new players:
We're offering 4 spots in the "Friend Blogs" widget for a whole month for the winners of the game below.

How to play?
In order to play, you must have a blog.

First, you need to get a ticket here.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to upload a square-shaped logo because otherwise it won't look good in the friend blogs widget.

Second, go to our Facebook page. Post a message and include your ticket number! Feel free to post a link to you blog, we love checking you out! 

How to win?
- The first to post will be the first winner!
- The other winners will be randomly drawn and announced Saturday February 5th!

Best luck!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friend blogs give-away Winners

The winners of our last Friend blogs give-away are:

#1 First to post on Craigseasy's Facebook page:

Trimmed and Taylored

#2 and #3 were randomly picked by Craigseasy:

Baby Blvd & Accessory Ave Yuppie Lady

#4 and #5 were randomly by Chelsea from Room to Inspire:

TUKABEAR Our Portable home

#6 and #7 were randomly picked by Shannon from What's up Whimsy

Bijou and Boheme The Fabulous Design File

#8 and #9 will be shortly picked by Michelle from Three Men and a Lady. Stay posted!!

The winners will start appearing in the Friend Blogs soon :-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Give-away Extended

Since many of you are out for Thanksgiving, we'll be extending the second Craigseasy Friend Blog give-away till next Friday. Until then, have fun and eat a lot of turkey :-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Craigseasy Friend Blog giveaway!

Not reading carefully may ruin your chances of winning one of our 9 “Friend Blog” spots that we’re giving away. Having a spot in our friend blogs will expose you, for one month,  to thousands (and growing) of Craigseasy users!

For those of you who have no clue what this is all about, you might want to use Craigseasy first; You’ll easily notice the Friend Blogs widget.

The game starts right now and the winners will be announced on Friday Nov 26th at 12:00 pm PST.

This is how you participate!

The Rules

Step 1: 
Upload your logo here. You will be given a ticket number, don't lose it!

Step 2:
Post a comment on our Facebook fan page. Make sure to include your ticket number in it.
Important note: Comments without a ticket number will not be considered.

The first to comment will be winner #1. We'll also draw winners #2  and #3 next week!

Step 3:
Post a comment - include your ticket number! - on any or all of our sponsors’ Facebook pages. Each sponsor has two spots to give away!

1- Three Men and a Lady (Picks Winners #4 and #5)
2- Room to Inspire (Picks Winners #6 and #7)
3- What’s up Whimsy (Picks Winners #8 and #9)

Maximize your chances of winning by posting on each of our sponsors' pages!

All contestants' logos will be automatically appended to the bottom of this post!

Best luck!

Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12th Winners!

Okay! So here's the thing: we will be running this game (with different rules) bi-monthly, so if you weren't lucky this time, stay posted; the next game is next week!

Winners will be featured for one month and they'll start appearing in the Friend Blogs widget as early as tonight.

We know how excited you are to figure out who the winners are:

Winner #1 is the first person who commented on the game.

Winners #2 and #3 were randomly picked by Craigseasy. The number of entries you had depends on whether you followed us here, on Facebook or on Twitter. We had 41 entries. If you are interested in knowing how we computed the numbers, please let us know.

Winners #4 and #5 were picked by our partner blog My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.

Winners #6 and #7 were picked by our partner blog Better After.

Winners #8 and #9 were the only smart contestants who followed our partner blogs What's up Whimsy and Chic Little House

Since #10 and #11 are same as #8 and #9, the first two blogs that sent us their logos will occupy these spots:
Hence the official #10 and #11 winners!